A Complete Application Platform to Connect Store Operations, Point of Sale and Payments.

Unite your business processes, save hours across everyday routines and connect your colleagues with flow and synergy within one mobile application.

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StoreConnect is a fully adaptable productivity solution to save colleague time and modernise daily routines.

Provide every employee in every store with all the major technical tools they need to do their jobs more quickly and efficiently on one handheld device.

See StoreConnect in action. Find out how StoreConnect can integrate into your retail workflow.


Ready to go colleague and back office workflow applications for all retail sectors.


Built for Enterprise devices and modern Android & iOS smartphones for BYOD deployments.


Driven by a secure, dependency agnostic API or integrated into your existing infrastructure.

End of Life Hardware?

Upgrade your old or failing Windows CE based PDA devices for a modern and future proof colleague applications framework.

StoreConnect will run on all major mobile computer manufacturers devices and modern Android and iOS smartphones.

StoreConnect Core

Store Operations

Provide your colleagues with digital store operations technolgies to drive improvements in shop floor & stock routines, workload management and staff communications.

Modernise Everyday Tasks

Simplify routines and add versatility to a busy colleague’s workload.

Stay Compliant

Connected applications to maintain integrity across all departments.

Unified Communication

Multiple applications to ensure staff safety and continuity.

Complete Versatility

Point Of Sale

A complete, modular POS system offering on-the-go checkout and lower total cost of ownership. Quickly open a fixed position to meet demand or queue bust directly on the shop floor.

Mobile POS / mPOS

Carry out ad-hoc, fast and secure checkouts directly on device.

Mobile to Fixed

Transfer a checkout to a small footprint fixed POS for extra versatility.

Fully Fixed

Use StoreConnect as a complete, fixed Self Checkout position.

Easy Checkouts


Multiple payment options with contactless, cash handling and payment provider integration.


Fast and secure payments via NFC enabled devices.

Coins & Notes

Accept cash payments with small footprint hardware.

Provider Freedom

Integrate with many different payment providers.

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